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This page presents the interfaces (menus) of the game. The main menu is illustrated by the screenshot below:

Pod main menu.png

If the player clicks on Options the following menu will be displayed:

Pod options diff easy.png

It allows the configuration of game difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard), damage system (Off, Global, Sector), as well as sounds, controls, number of opponents, and name of the player. POD also allows races with split screen (two players of course), thus there are two fields for player names.

Clicking on Controls will show the following interface:

Pod options controls.png

For me the only available option is keyboard. Clicking on the keyboard will show the menu below:

Pod options controls keyboard.png

This interface allows the configuration of POD commands. There are only four commands really, accelerate (Up), breaks (Down), and steering (Left and Right). I do not use manual transmission, thus I do not use the gears (A and Z).

Going back to the main menu, if you chose the One Player option the following menu will be displayed:

Pod one player.png

The single race option allows selection of track and car and you are good to go. The other options allow the creation of championships and random races. Finally, the time attack is also an interesting choice if you want to master a specific track or car configuration.

Clicking on single race will lead to the track selection interface:

Pod track selection.png

Each track is identified by a number (e.g. number #1 is Beltane). If there are more than 16 tracks installed the left/right buttons will be activated, allowing you to go the previous/next page of tracks. Finally, the button Reverse allows the player to play the reversed version of the track.

Clicking on OK leads to the car selection and configuration interface:

Pod car selection.png

The big white on red arrows allow the player to choose the desired car. The AUTOMATIC button alternates between automatic and manual transmission. The settings button allows the user to configure the parameters of the car. If clicked the following interface is displayed:

Pod car settings.png

It is possible to load/save car configurations (up to five or six, I am not sure). More about car configuration can be found here.

There are some other screens, but I believe these are the main ones. Click here to see all screenshots and other POD related images that I uploaded to this wiki.