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The name of the videos is following the pattern:

[nelsonspbr] POD #<id> - <track> (<reversed>) - <car> (<config>) {<info>}*

  • [nelsonspbr]: To easily find my videos.
  • POD: The game name, duh.
  • #<id>: The id of the video (a number).
  • <track>: The name of the track being raced. See Tracks for more details.
  • <reversed>: This field can be either "normal" or "reversed", indicating if I am racing the track in normal or reversed mode.
  • <car>: This indicates the name of the car used in the race. See Cars for more details.
  • <config>: This indicates the configuration used for the car. See Cars for more details.
  • <info>: These additional info fields are delimited by {}. They indicate that the race is from a {championship}, for example.

Search examples

On YouTube:

Other combinations are possible of course.